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About Massage Therapy

Massage therapy has been used to maintain good health since ancient times. Today, therapeutic massage is one of the most utilized forms of complimentary health care. Every day stresses, repetitive motions and accidents can lead to physical problems that adversely effect quality of life. Massage can help alleviate a variety of conditions by decreasing muscle tension, calming the nervous system and increasing circulation.

After you complete our client intake form, our therapist will review and discuss your history to determine the most appropriate treatment options. The therapist may then perform a variety of orthopedic assessments to evaluate muscular function and briefly explain the treatment plan.

During your session the therapist will use a variety of techniques to achieve the goals of that session. Client feedback is strongly encouraged, as communication is the key to the success of your massage.

Upon completion of the massage, the therapist may recommend and demonstrate self-help techniques for you to use at home to improve the benefits of your treatment. It is always recommended that the client increase water intake for 24 hours after a massage session to help reduce any post massage soreness and hydrate the muscles, to help muscles to maintain a relaxed state.

About Therapeutic Massage