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Frequently Asked Questions

Does healthcare insurance cover massage therapy?

Insurance coverage varies widely, so it is best to check with your insurance provider. At this time, Naples Valley Chiropractic does not participate with any insurance providers for massage therapy services. However, we will be happy to provide you with the necessary statement of account and necessary office documentation for you to pursue an insurance claim for expenses related to massage services provided in our office. Additionally, your employers’ flexible spending account may allow deductions for massage therapy.

How much clothing must I remove?

Client privacy, security and comfort are our top priorities. Depending upon the purpose of the massage and the techniques to be utilized, clients will often need to be partially unclothed. Many orthopedic massage treatments can be administered with clients wearing light weight running shorts and a sports bra. Medical gowns are available for those who prefer them. For more traditional massages, clients are draped with sheets; areas to be massaged are uncovered and recovered upon completion. Private areas remain covered at all times.

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