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Nutritional Counseling
At Naples Valley Chiropractic, we realize that proper nutrition and a healthy diet are essential for optimum health. The food we receive through good nutrition nourishes and sustains our bodies. The link between nutritional deficiencies and illness and disease is well established but we also know that certain diets and foods can actually prevent a wide range of illness and disease. Many nutrients offer significant therapeutic benefits in the treatment of various health conditions. Nutrients, vitamins, minerals and botanicals represent nature's pharmacy and have been used for centuries.

In our office we recognize that your first choice for obtaining optimal levels of nutrients should always be a healthy diet. Whole foods such as fruits, vegetables, grains, dairy and meat represent excellent sources of the nutrients we require. Along with drinking ample amounts of water, consuming a balanced selection of foods from these groups should become the cornerstone of a healthy diet. We understand, however, that busy lifestyles, cultural trends and certain agricultural practices can make it difficult to achieve and maintain an adequate diet. Similarly, we recognize that certain health conditions may necessitate a higher level of required nutrients than can be reasonably obtained in a typical diet. In these instances, dietary supplements make perfect sense. When appropriate, we offer nutritional and dietary counseling to help our patients obtain optimum health.

nutritional counseling