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Pregnancy and Chiropractic
Pregnancy can be a beautiful time in a woman's life. The miracle of life never ceases to astound! The mother's womb is perhaps the safest and most nurturing environment a child will ever know. For all its pleasures, pregnancy, for a mother, may very well represent the beginning of a life of endearing "self sacrifice." The physical demands of pregnancy are immense for even the healthiest of women. Morning sickness, sleep depravation, dramatic weight gain, increasingly uncomfortable posture, back pain, headaches, muscle cramps, joint pain, swollen feet and ankles and gestational diabetes represent some of the common maladies associated with pregnancy. The events of labor and delivery represent an extreme physical effort for a woman. For some mothers, postpartum depression will complicate their recovery.

At Naples Valley Chiropractic we appreciate and respect the self sacrifice associated with pregnancy. Amazingly, many women will endure the "trials" of pregnancy while continuing to work in their profession, raise their children and provide as loving wives and homemakers! We want to assist you in experiencing the most enjoyment possible from your pregnancy by helping to minimize and relieve your discomfort. At a time when most traditional drugs and medicine should be avoided for the safety of your child, conservative chiropractic care offers a safe and gentle approach for some of the most common distress of pregnancy.

pregnancy and chiropractic