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Preventative and Supportive Care
At Naples Valley Chiropractic, we believe that avoiding injury and illness through prevention is a superior approach to health care. Individuals who practice healthy lifestyles and maintains reasonable levels of physical strength, flexibility and fitness are generally healthier and more resistant to illness and injury. We understand however, that sometimes avoiding accidents and injuries is not always possible. Occasionally, an individual's injuries are severe enough or have persisted long enough that a complete resolution of their condition is not possible. For these individuals, regular supportive chiropractic care can offer stability to their condition.

In our office we are happy to provide preventative and supportive chiropractic care. We feel that regular chiropractic care can be an integral part of a healthy lifestyle. By maintaining proper alignment of the vertebral column and joints of the body, keeping muscles stretched and flexible and receiving continued counsel on healthy lifestyle practices, you can obtain a heightened level of health. For those individuals with chronic, recurrent or repetitive injuries, supportive chiropractic care can assist you by preventing further deterioration of your condition, help you remain employed in your occupation, allow you to engage in activities of daily living with reasonable comfort and provide you with transient relief from your symptoms. Because preventative and supportive care is entirely elective, when and how long you choose to receive the benefits of chiropractic is always up to you.