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Independent Medical Evaluations

At Naples Valley Chiropractic, we understand that cases involving personal injuries, work related injuries and automobile accidents can become complicated. Often medical legal issues develop and objective, non-bias opinions are sought. Typical questions that arise from this process include: causal relationship, impairment and disability rating, work capabilities, necessity of treatment and prognosis for recovery.

In our office we are happy to provide independent medical evaluations at the request of individuals, employers, insurances carriers, case workers, attorneys and third party coordinators. Promptly following the evaluation, a medical report will be forwarded to the requesting party. Our standard reports consist of the following: a thorough history detailing the events surrounding the accident or injury, a description of the present complaint, a past medical history including an account of relevant prior injuries or co-morbidities, a summary of current occupational status including an opinion on work capabilities, an account of any documents reviewed in connection with the case, a detailed account of all physical examination procedures conducted along with their outcome, a clinical impression, a statement of causal relationship, an opinion on apportionment when indicated, treatment recommendations and a prognosis including impairment rating and disability status. Should your specific case require evaluation, comments or opinions beyond those outlined, we would be happy to accommodate your needs by customizing your report. If your case ends in litigation, as an experienced expert witness, Dr. Waldeis is available for testimony with reasonable notice.


Independent medical evaluation