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Welcome To Naples Valley Chiropractic
New Patients
As a new patient, your visit to our office will begin with a greeting from our office manager, who will welcome you to our office, collect all necessary insurance and payment information, assist you with the completion of patient forms and remain available to answer all of your questions. All new patients will receive an initial consultation from Dr. Waldeis that includes a patient history, physical examination and a report of findings.
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Patient History
Obtaining a thorough history of your current complaint as well as past condition is an essential part of the diagnostic process. We are not only concerned with your current injury or illness but also with any prior injury, illness or disease that you may have experienced in the past. This enables us to give consideration to the possibility that these factors may be playing a role in your current condition and allows us to remain alert to conditions that may require future monitoring.
Physical Examination
Physical examination allows us to gain knowledge of your condition through our powers of observation. Not unlike any doctor's office, we will obtain your height, weight and blood pressure as part of our routine examination. This will generally be followed by a regional examination based on your complaint. If the area to be examined is obscured by dress or clothing, you will be ask to change into a patient gown to allow for ease of access. If you have a condition that warrants x-rays or blood work, we will arrange for the films or testing to be obtained off site at a local hospital or facility of your choice.
Report of Findings
Once history and examination procedure have allowed Dr. Waldeis to arrive at a proper diagnosis of your condition, he will share his findings with you in a direct and understandable manner. A plan of treatment for your condition will be presented in a straight forward fashion, and after answering all your questions, treatment can begin on the same day. If for some reason we find your condition is not suitable for chiropractic treatment, we will work with you to ensure you find the proper health care practitioner for your specific condition.