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Health can be defined in many different ways. Many modern definitions describe health as “freedom from disease and ailment.” But health is not merely the absence of sickness and disease, health is far more. We should not set our standards for personal health so low as to be content with simply being devoid of outwardly signs of illness. Just because we are not sick by no means implies we are therefore healthy. To truly have your health is to have wellness in your life.

Health does not come in the form of a drug or a pill. To obtain optimal health and have wellness in your life, while not difficult, requires commitment. It begins with developing a positive mental attitude and understanding and adopting the principles of a healthy lifestyle.

Steps for Developing and Maintaining a Positive Mental Attitude

Become an optimist
Love and be loved
Laugh long and often
Practice good self esteem
Set positive goals for yourself
Learn to become comfortable with yourself
Be honest and truthful with yourself and others
Exercise positive imagery and visualize your success
Listen to your internal voice and learn to shape the conversation
Learn to effectively communicate and express your emotions
Don't underestimate the power of spirituality, faith and prayer
Understand your full potential and strive to develop and achieve it
Understand that all you require to be successful in life is already in you
Understand and accept that in life, there are things you can change and things you cannot,
and develop the wisdom to know the difference between the two

Principles of a Healthy Lifestyle

If you smoke, take measures to quit
Use alcohol and caffeine in moderation
Do not take unnecessary risks with your health
Do not drive distracted or while under the influence of alcohol
Wear your seatbelt and protective equipment such as bike helmets
Understand the importance of fitness and exercise regularly
Understand the importance of good eating habits and adopt a healthy diet
Take a high quality multi-vitamin/mineral and antioxidant supplement
Develop healthy outlets and coping mechanisms for managing stress
Understand the importance of quality sleep and strive for eight hours each night
Practice healthy sexual habits and safe sex with your partner
Practice good personal hygiene and frequent hand washing
Do not delay addressing issues concerning your health
Do not avoid routine health screening procedures and annual physical exams
Develop and exercise proper posture and work habits
Receive frequent spinal screenings and chiropractic care
Understand and appreciate the body's innate ability to heal itself
"It is the body that is the hero, not science, not antibiotics, not machines or new devices. The task of the physician today is what it has always been, to help the body do what it has learned so well to do on its own during its unending struggle for survival: to heal itself."
~ Ronald J. Glasser, M.D. ~